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Values, insights and assumptions

Accurate self-awareness in leaders is highly correlated with organisational effectiveness and profitability, employees prefer to follow leaders who see themselves clearly and are willing to share their perceptions.  Throughout the coaching engagement, a coach will also share his or her perceptions of you, based on their observation and your interactions with others. Importantly, they will help you build …

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Red, you are what you listen to quote

Being heard

It sounds such a simple thing to just listen, to listen with respect, with interest, fascination and unconditional regard, this is what underpins all good quality coaching. A good coach should listen to you,  listening to understand you and your circumstances. As Nancy Klein perceptively states, listening ‘Ignites the human mind. The quality of your …

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You are resourceful

Quality coaching has the potential to unlock your innate resourcefulness by acting as a guide to utilise your know-how. Unlike most other forms of personal development, coaching can elicit solutions and strategies for you. Paramount to this is the assertion the coach holds that you, the client, are naturally creative and resourceful. You have the …

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