Rachel Ingham

Personal & professional
coaching to support you to cope,
thrive and succeed.

Rachel Ingham

Personal & professional coaching to support you to cope, thrive and succeed.

A bit about me

I am a coach and Director at Supporting Champions, a thriving people development company, which I run alongside my husband.

I have an MSc in Occupational Psychology and hold the Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I enjoy combining my knowledge of psychology with coaching tools to create an uplifting environment which explores client issues. I am an accredited practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and of course subscribe to their code of ethics.

I coach because I enjoy the process of watching people unlock their own potential. Coaching allows for long lasting change and greater insight into strengths, weakness, behaviour patterns and self sabotaging activities. I enjoy an open and relaxed coaching environment and aim to create a friendly, inquisitive relationship allowing us together to explore some deeper aspects of behaviour and bring clarity to an issue.

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How coaching works

There is such value in being able to talk openly and candidly, free of judgement with the aim of creating positive change. Coaching allows you the freedom to work things out for yourself and unlock yourself from previous behaviours and patterns of thinking.

My clients come to discuss all kinds of different issues, some in their private lives and some in their work lives – often both. Together we will work out what’s important and work through the necessary steps to make sure you gain the most from your life.

We will use conversation and a range of tools, psychometrics tests and techniques to unlock your thinking, to explore ideas and look at different angles in order for you to work through problems in a way that is true to you. I don't have all the answers but together we will find that you do.

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First sessions

Initially we will have a conversation to see if we are a good fit, can we work together effectively? This works in two directions, are you comfortable talking to me and vice versa. For me, it is vital that you feel you will be able to talk to me in an open, honest and unconditional manner. This session is free and usually last 30 minutes. If we are good to go we pop a date in the diary.

We kick off our first full coaching session getting to know each other. We will move to looking at your strengths, how balanced you feel your life is and have a conversation to find out what you need from me and where you want to get to. The focus here is on establishing your goals and areas you would like to work on, this creates the motivation and direction for the coaching sessions.

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Subsequent sessions

Every session is unique to you and each with a specific focus that has an action orientation behind it in order that progress is continually being made, no matter how big or small.

The way in which the session is carried out may be wholly through conversation or we may choose some activities which stimulate your thinking and provide fresh perspectives.

Together we will examine what you want to develop or improve, what the current situation is, the choices and consequences in front of you, action points to take and then a review of how feasible these actions are within your work/life context.

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Get in touch and we can discuss what it is you want to address, the number of sessions this may require and the cost.

For multiple individuals in teams, again we can calculate a cost based on your specific requirements.

I have helped clients with a range of dilemmas, some of the more common or recurring themes have been:

  • Establishing your strengths and boosting your confidence long term
  • Your aspirations - creating a plan on how to achieve your ambitions

  • Feeling a loss of identity - reconnecting with your values

  • Improving and managing relationships at home or work

  • Reassessing work or life balance

  • Wanting a fresh start - where to start?
  • Controlling your mindset in stressful situations

  • Adapting your behaviours to maximise your potential
  • Reconnect with your personal or professional values and purpose


  • I have spent some time with coaches in various roles. However, working with Rachel really opened up a new chapter as she is a great coach and listener. Spending time with her to focus on myself helped me in my leadership role and I experienced a great journey in re-establishing my own principles with her. Rachel supported me in changing some of my routines and sharpened my view on what I need. 

  • Rachel is an expert at the art of coaching through conversation, in a very natural and uplifting way, which has you opening up and talking honestly about your current challenge, whether it be personal or professional. And though it may feel like a coffee chat, Rachel has a knack for cutting to the heart of matters that often sit in our blindspots, helping us to join the dots and make sense of the situation at hand. The conversation ends up being very constructive and action-oriented, but Rachel’s style is so unique and effective, it makes you excited for the next session!

  • Rachel found the perfect balance between challenging me and giving me the space I needed to remove the noise that was clouding my mind. I now regularly revisit some of the conversations we had to ensure I continue to stay on track re. personal and professional goals.

  • The coaching provided by Rachel has improved my ability to interact and communicate effectively with colleagues. This improved confidence is improving productivity and my mental health, this is highly beneficial. Having always been one of those people who question the need for coaching I find myself now recommending all staff have the opportunity.

  • I was put in touch with Rachel via my line manager for coaching and I was dubious at first but then I realised that it was one of the best things I have done halfway through the sessions. 
    Rachel listened to my story and opened a few boxes that have been firmly shut for a number of years and slowly over the four sessions I regained control and put things into perspective. She advised me on techniques and tools that I have applied and I am now in a much better position than I was at the start of my journey. Rachel is very supportive and I would recommend her coaching style to anyone, the sessions were friendly and Rachel puts you at ease. Thank you for your support, guidance and laughs along the way.
  •  I’m super happy with the results. The coaching work was thought provoking and revealing. I learnt a lot which I apply and reflect on almost daily.

    The team also loved working with you and looked forward to their sessions and I feel they only wanted to do more.  It’s been money very well spent.

  • Rachel helped me focus on why I want to get things done – instead of endlessly ruminating on what could possibly go wrong and whether there might a better way of doing things. She's also allowed me to see more clearly in which situations some of my personality traits are strengths and when they might be more of a weakness. What's more, she's just a really nice person who genuinely cares about her clients!

  • Finding a coach that is a good fit for you can be difficult, but I struck gold when the opportunity to have Rachel as a coach came up. No matter what I’ve brought to the table Rachel has helped me find solutions, critically analyse or find confidence when I’ve needed it. She does this with such ease, enthusiasm and creativity that I see the time spent in each session as indispensable. I couldn’t recommend Rachel strongly enough.

and develop

Whatever aspect of coaching you’d like to explore, just get in touch, we can talk informally or you can send your questions to me. Together we can assess your needs and decide whether you would benefit from coaching development.

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