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You are resourceful

Quality coaching has the potential to unlock your innate resourcefulness by acting as a guide to utilise your know-how. Unlike most other forms of personal development, coaching can elicit solutions and strategies for you. Paramount to this is the assertion the coach holds that you, the client, are naturally creative and resourceful. You have the capability to take action, to think creatively around a situation, you are capable of resilience and capable of learning. As this creativity and resourcefulness is something you already possess, coaching is there to provide the support to enhance these skills and resources.

Naturally, there have been times when we have felt overwhelmed, paralysed, confused or frightened. Even the most resilient of us can feel that something is insurmountable and leave us feeling lacking in the resources to cope. It is at times like this that coaching can enable you to re-find your resourcefulness, work through and unravel the knots of thoughts, enabling you to have clarity, a renewed perspective and action to move you forward.

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